Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saving Money.

Living at home is the best way to save money. I know thats pretty obvious though. From what I've read and the advise I've been given you need quite a bit of money to move. Unless you have someone to stay with until you get on your feet it seems you need at least $5,000. Well, that's how much I want to have saved. I feel like that will cover an apartment deposit, first month's rent, food and transportation for a month. But really thats just me hoping I get a job quickly.

Cost of living is higher here for sure. It's similar to NYC though. Minimum wage is $8.00 in LA (that may give you a better idea). Keep in mind here this is all info I've read or heard through the grapevine! I really don't know anything. So, if any of you out there know more PLEASE tell me!! I need to know as much as possible. I don't like money but it is a necessity and I need to know how to budget it for California.


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