Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life story in 10.2 seconds.

Born in Tennessee, moved to Orlando age 9, aspiring actress since birth, drama kid, moved to NYC age 18 by myself, moved back to Orlando age 20 to save money, next is LA!

Thats me in a very small nutshell. I've known since I was extremely young that I am going to be a successful actress. I don't have a plan B or any fall back plan because well, I don't need it! Cocky? Yes.

I lived in NYC for two years taking classes and building my resume. In my opinion I was a pretty successful 18 year old with only high school experience. I had 3 agents and got paid to work doing what I love! Can't beat that! But I realized that theater isn't where my future is even though it does have my heart. Film is where I want to be. On the big silver screen! (Makes me excited just thinking about it). I packed my things and moved back home to be a cliche. . . ! A waitress. :) I'm saving money quickly to move to Los Angeles. Home of Hollywood. This blog will show the "Journey of a young actor moving to LA".


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